A Dadaistic photograph of Karel Appel by Ed Van der Elsken – Amsterdam, 1962

A Dadaistic photograph of Karel Appel, Amsterdam, 1962. 

Detail of an original photograph by Ed Van der Elsken.

Photo transfer of original 16 mm film Appel Iep, 1961.

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“A painting is no longer a construction of colors and lines, but an animal, a night, a cry, a human being. It forms an indivisible whole.” Quote from Karel Appel.

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Ed van der Elsken was born in Amsterdam, 1925 and died in Edam, 1990;

He is  the “Enfant Terrible” of Dutch photography, made his name as a street photographer, in particular through his many photobooks such as ‘Love on the Left Bank’.

He also took various images of his peers from the artistic and cultural worlds such as Karel Appel, Chet Baker and Sarah Vaughn.

In contrast to e.g Newman’ s controlled portraits, Van der Elsken captured his subjects as they were working, giving these images the feel of ‘stolen’ moments.

They thus give an energetic and dynamic glance into the working mind of the portrayed artists.

In the Bakery, his film Appel Iep (1961) of Karel Appel at work, is on view.

The vibrant style of his photographs is transferred to the 16 mm film, presenting the artist as a creative entity as well as placing a special focus on his humanity.


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