Furniture designed Alik Cavaliere – Chiffonier Genesio for Zanotta, created in 1990

Furniture designed by Alik Cavaliere – Chiffonier Genesio for Zanotta edition model created in 1990

Chiffonier or chest of drawers with base and structure in polychrome stained wood and gilt bronze handles signed on right side above the lower back leg.

Each piece is in a sense unique but other chests come in various colors or color nuances and measurements can be different.

Dimensions: 128 x 52.5 x 50 cm –50.4 x 20.6 x 19.7 po.

! In French this drawer’s chest is called semainier. The semainier has seven drawers, one for each day of the week, to store the clean linen daily including underwear.

Artwork is not available anymore! Sold – Thank you.

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Alik CAVALIERE (1926 – 1998)

Born in Rome on august 5 in 1926, he lived in Milan where he trained at the Brera Fine Arts Academy and then studied at the Milan University. He taught as professor of sculpture at the Brera Academy for 31 years. As sculptor he often broke, but not always, the rules and infringed the approved technology, for his own expression, communication and aesthetic needs in language.

During his 40 years activity, he used many different materials: from the traditionally metals used in sculpture, like copper, bronze, silver to the less traditional ones: steel, cast-iron, brass, lead, imitation-gold. He then used a variety of plastics, paper, words, sound, fabrics, wood, water, artifacts and objects trouvés, porcelain, ceramics, terra-cotta, glass, mirrors and recovered materials too.

In Los Angeles he worked on the “trace,” on “void,” leaving the absence of a work, in order to provoke, to stimulate one’s memory, the remembrance of something that had happened before, something that was. His first exhibition dates from 1945, during an exhibition of young artists. His first professional solo show, in 1951, was followed by many around the world.

He died in Milan in 1998. His body is buried in the Cimitero Monumentale di Milano and his name is mentioned in the Famedio

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