Spray paint on canvas by Ces – Titled: Whish, 2006

Original artwork by Ces – Titled: Whish, 2006

Spray paint on canvas signed in and as the artwork tag and also signed, dated and titled (Name Tag) on verso.

Dimensions: 30 x 40.5 cm – 11.8 x 15.7 in.

Artwork is not available anymore! Thank you.

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CES (1970) – Michael Provenzano

Born Robert Michael Provenzano in 1970 in the Bronx and known professionally as Ces, is a New York City master of the « wildstyle » graffiti. His streamlined aerodynamic alphabetic reconfigurations have influenced generations worldwide. His imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the graffiti innovations of CES have been relentlessly knocked off by his peers and have influenced a new generation of graffiti writers in the USA and beyond.

He has been a graffiti artist since 1983 and continues to produce powerful visual artwork today, never settling, living and learning from his art.

Ces, also known as Wish, has produced large aerosol murals in various countries and continents. Ces’s work is well documented in many videos, like FX, a video about New York-based graffiti writers.

His work is also available on canvas.

His current paintings are inspired by deceptively ordinary objects that he encounters in the world around him. Ces has engaged a visual language dominated by everyday items imbued with symbolic power like fruits, vegetables, junk food and liquor. The artist’s signature is concealed within each image in a nod to his graffiti origins. In the realm of graffiti, a signature, a tag, is in itself a work of art.

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