Mixed media on paper by Rene-Pierre Allain – Untitled black and gold composition, 2002

Original artwork on paper by René-Pierre Allain – Untitled; Black and gold composition circa 2002

Mixed media of gouache, pigmented plaster compound on hand made paper signed on verso.

Wood frame made by artist artwork boxed in behind Plexiglas.

Dimension: 23 x 30.5 cm – 9 x 12 in. With frame: 35.5 x 43 cm – 14 x 17 in.

Reference: Group exhibition ”Une noble cause” – Centre Canadien d’architecture, Montreal, 2011

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René Pierre ALLAIN (1951)

Born in Montreal in 1951 Allain, Rene-Pierre works and lives now in Brooklyn, New York.

Allain studied from 1969 till 1972 communications in Montreal at the Loyola College and worked as a professional photographer in 1972 till 1979, before obtaining his Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts in Ottawa in 1982.

In 1980 and till 1984 in partnership with Miguel Berlanga, he worked and exhibited under the name A & B Associés.

He moved to New York in 1984 and pursued studies in fine arts; specifically in sculpture. He receives a Master of fine arts from Hunter College. As his interest in issues of planes and painting grew, Allain’s three-dimensional work gradually moved from the floor to the wall. Since the mid ’80s, his constructed paintings have been exhibited internationally. Allain’s mostly abstract and geometric works take their inspiration from architecture, heraldry, insignia, and from disruptive rhythmic patterns in nature. His collection of African masks also inspires him to abstraction. The artist works with various materials; including: steel, pigmented plaster, linen, acrylic, burlap, glue, clear sealant, and wax.

Since 1990 He pursues a double career as an artist and teacher at the Visual Art school; New York.

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