Mixed media lithography by Pierre Alechinsky and text of Claude Simon – From the series Placards – For Claude Simon,1975

Original limited edition fine art print by Pierre Alechinsky and with text of Claude Simon. From the series Placards – For Claude Simon, 1975

Mixed media lithography with tapuscript (typed text with corrections of the poet) integrated in the lithography on Arches vellum paper signed in pencil by Pierre Alechinsky on the lower right and signed by Claude Simon in pencil on the lower left, also justify by hand Ex. d’exposition (Exhibition exemplary)  in pencil in lower middle margin.

Unique exemplary justified for exhibition. (For the exhibition at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec 2002)

The series Placards is a limited edition of 500 lithographs signed by the two protagonists, some H.C. and E.A as well as some without signature of Claude Simon and some without any justification or signatures of Claude Simon …

Dimensions: paper size: 58.5 x 77.5 cm – 23 x 30.5 in.

With original wooden frame: 73, 5 x 92 cm – 29 x 36.25 in.

Printer: Arte Paris Printing

Publisher: Aimé Maeght, Paris

References exhibitions:

Work is framed in its original setting (Wood) used during the exhibition: Typography of the dialogue from 2002 to 2003 National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec. (This example)

Liège, Belgium, Museum of Modern Art, Cobra revisited, April 9 – May 31, 1993, catalog: illustrated (another example).

As part of the “Placards” collection, directed by Jacques Dupin and André Frénaud for the Maeght Gallery, a set of texts and lithographs or silkscreens whose principle is to bring together a writer and an artist.

Source: Claude Simon’s Reader’s Association

Condition: Browning of the paper and on the edges of the paper, the frame bears time wear, but overall in fair condition. The work in a good vintage condition.

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Claude SIMON (1913 – 2005)

Claude Simon is a French writer, born October 10, 1913 in Tananarive, Madagascar and died July 6, 2005 in Paris. The Nobel prize for literature in 1985 came to reward the one “who, in his novels, combines the creativity of the poet and the painter with a deep awareness of time in the representation of the human condition”. Claude Simon was also interested in painting and photography.