Lithography on smooth wove paper by László Moholy-Nagy – Titled: Refractive black, white and gray, 1923

Limited edition fine art print by László Moholy-Nagy – Titled: Refractive black, white and gray from 1923

Lithography on smooth wove paper signed on lower right. One of an edition of 50 signed lithographs.

Dimensions: Paper: 60 x 44 cm. – Image: 42.5 X 22.5 cm.

Publisher: Ludwig Ey, Hannover, Germany

Literature and reference:  Sheet 2 of constructions by the VI; Kestner Wallet, edited by Dr. Eckart von Sydow, head of the Kestner Gesellschaft. – Passuth 126; Söhn hdo71306-2.

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László MOHOLY-NAGY (1895 – 1946)

László Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as professor in the Bauhaus school. He was highly influenced by constructivism and a strong advocate of the integration of technology and industry into the arts.

In 1923, Moholy-Nagy replaced Johannes Itten as the instructor of the foundation course at the Bauhaus. This effectively marked the end of the school’s expressionistic leanings and moved it closer towards its original aims as a school of design and industrial integration.

The Bauhaus became known for the versatility of its artists, and Moholy-Nagy was no exception. Throughout his career, he became proficient and innovative in the fields of photography, typography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and industrial design. One of his main focuses was photography.

He coined the term “the New Vision” for his belief that photography could create a whole new way of seeing the outside world that the human eye could not. His theory of art and teaching is summed up in the book The New Vision, from Material to Architecture. He experimented with the photographic process of exposing light sensitive paper with objects overlain on top of it, called photogram. While studying at the Bauhaus, Moholy’s teaching in diverse media: including painting, sculpture, photography, photomontage and metal.

He had a profound influence on a number of his students, including Marianne Brandt.

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