High seat metal chair by Guillaume Piéchaud circa 2010

Furniture designed by Guillaume Piéchaud; A limited edition high seat metal chair circa 2010.

High back rest seat chair with brown patina steel and open work sculptured foliage sides letting light filter in, giving this S shaped chair a luminous and flexible feel.

Dimensions: 135 x 29.3 x 60 cm – 53.1 x 11.5 x 23.6 in

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Guillaume PIÉCHAUD (1968)

Guillaume Piéchaud, born in 1968 in Paris is an unusual designer and sculpture that takes us to the heart of a “fantastic” design through a repertoire of motifs and dreamlike forms.

In his work, Guillaume Piechaud becomes the creator of his own world made of dreamlike patterns and shapes. He recreates a visual universe filled with a metal ‘fauna’, at once astonishing and seductive, primitive and fantastic. The mirror in stainless steel’s skin, a conventionally cold material, however endowed with warmth and softness, thanks of the shape and brightness of the objects he creates. Such a strong taste for lighting, developed over the years, is the reason for Piechaud’s work uniqueness, plunging his sculpture into a borderline dimension between the real and the unreal.

The forms are extremely refined, as suggested by the density and precision of the structure, which are present at all times. Drops of metal, designed and executed as aircraft wings: aerodynamics and perfection define the work of Piechaud. The voluptuous forms are never evasive and they remain, against all odds, strong and powerful.

Ultimately, we cannot really know if the piece of furniture has become a jewel, or if it was a jewel that was converted into furniture.




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