Acrylic on canvas by Steve Haes – Titled: Into the eyes circa 2008

Original artwork by Steve Haes – Titled: Into the eyes circa 2006-2008

Acrylic on canvas signed on lower left and titled on verso.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm – 19.7 x 27.5 in.

Price: * $ CAD (Canadian dollars) For more information on artwork or artist contact gallery.

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Steve HAES (1977)

Steve Haes was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1977. He lives and works in Lubbeek, Louvain.

This Brussels-Limburger has always been in contact with design, conception and representation. At first, during his studies at the Academy in Genk at audiovisual and photography classes and then in his passion for 20th century design and contemporary art. He is also active as a DJ, Dr. Digit, and founding member of Common Sense Music and Artists (C-Sence).

By twisting reality even by embellishing it or by trying to reconstruct it or not, he tries to highlight the image to go beyond what is proposed and he goes in search of the essence of the emotion and or the idea. He observes from a contemporary perspective.

His intriguing images are promising and giving an intimacy. His strong and powerful portraits are with a contemporary emotion. Colors are electrically charged in images, otherwise monochrome with shades of gray or actual color tones to outshine or obscure the many rich colors. The omission of details has a strong impact; the response to perspective and the control of the attitude of the picture are identified and important. His painting is rather “patches” or spots of a near time and almost as real. His photography is a little surreal to be able to deviate from reality. Reality does not exist in art, but he still believes in art and the figurative character of it. It is for him to explore and discover his true passion in that way.

Steve Haes’ very personal art is above all human, urban and sensitive to current trends. Sometimes it’s using the medium of painting, then at other times that of photography.

He is particularly drawn to the contemporary art movements, such as Pop Art, Street and Urban Art.


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