Painted bronze sculpture by Rabarama – Titled: Can-Cellazioni, 2003

Bronze sculpture by Rabarama – Titled: Can-Cellazioni, 2003

Painted bronze ref numbered signed and edition numbered under left and right foot of the sculpture. One of an edition of 8 painted bronze sculptures.

Dimensions: Height 32.8 cm – 12.9 in.

Provenance: From a Benelux private collection.

The title is a poetic play with the Italian word ”Cancellazioni” as in Cancellations; but deeper meanings can also be with the English word “Can” the can or canister, box, jail or with the verb power and the Italian word “Cellationi” cells.

Price: *$ CAD (Canadian dollars) For more information on artist or her artworks contact gallery.

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“Poetic ideas and poetry are the breath in the process of thinking and creating my images.” – Rabarama



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