Acrylic on canvas by Albert Rousseau – Titled: Oneiric fantasy landscape, 1970

Original artwork by Albert Rousseau; Oneiric fantasy landscape dated 1970.

Acrylic on canvas signed and dated in the lower right.

Artwork is framed

Dimension: 62 x 92 cm. – With frame 64.5 x 95.5 cm

Price: 2 600$ *CAD (Canadian Dollars) Contact the gallery for more information, on artist or artworks as well on shipping or other details.

Rousseau is better known as a figurative neo impressionist, new synthetism and neo pointillist artist with his so special style. He used his palette knifes, spatula, sponge and roll techniques also to explored the semi-figurative and abstract trends.

Abstract surrealism

Abstract Surrealism is a trend in surrealist painting, characterized by the application of pure “automatic” aiming to eliminate any figurative representation, which allows the artist to invent his own figurative universe.

Oneiric: The dream is a constant theme in surrealism and dreamlike themes are particularly present in the surrealist universe since it is a current propelled by the total liberation of the psyche which thus tried to go beyond what may exist as censorship in traditional morality.

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