Mixed media on black paper laid on wood by Erik Desprez Titled: Feverish in the night without a roof or you, I aspire, 2008

Original artwork by Erik Desprez; Titled: Feverish in the night without a roof or you, I aspire dated 2008. (Fébrile sous la nuit, sans toit ni toi, j’aspire)

Mixed media of oil, bee wax and varnish on black paper laid on wood signed, titled and dated on verso.

Dimensions: 184 x 84 cm – 72 x 33 in.

Price: 1 400,00 $ CAD (Canadian dollars)

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Erik DESPREZ (1951 – 2019) – Erick Desprez

Erik Desprez was born in La Rochelle, France in 1951.

He studied psychology at the University of Talence in Bordeaux. Then immigrated to Canada in 1973 to become an artist and follow his passions. He has been living and working in Montreal ever since.

Self-taught artist working in a brutalist rough style who is as good with beeswax, oil and varnish juxtaposing textiles, objects, transferred photos and recovered wood on canvas, jute and paper. His works are philosophical, mystical, symbolist, and totemic with primitive abstract and semi-abstract language.

He creates universes and installations with wood and metal objects and with his hundred-year-old wooden beams that he has collected and that he sculpts and assembles for sculptures and unusual objects as well as furniture, pedestal, chairs and benches.

This conceptual raw art artist has multiple personalities and finds it fun to use several variations of his differently written first name as well as anagrams of his surname for his exhibitions, signatures of works and biographies. Certainly funny for him but in the long run can only lead to confusion.

Erik Deprez died in 2019 in Montreal.

(Variations – Erick, ÉRICK or ÉRIC DESPREZ or PEREZ)


Text: Y. Ysebaert #curator for Ysebaert Louisseize Arts


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