Mixed media and collage on wood by Nick Gentry – Titled: Protection, 2011

Original artwork by Nick Gentry; Titled: Protection dated 2011

Mixed media and collage of floppy discs on wood signed and dated in black ink on lower overlap and signed in black ink on verso.

Dimensions: sizes: 19 x 27 cm – 7.8 x 10.

Artwork is not available anymore! Thank you.

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!!!Note: Floppy Disk Paintings

A series of Generation X portraits on canvases made from used computer disks, whose metal hub serves as the subject’s profoundly un-humanlike eye. Adding to his haunting renderings are the handwritten labels, along with the disks’ original blue, black, or grey colour contributing to the composite form. The disks are sourced entirely from public donation and this series represents Gentry’s first foray into what has been described as ‘social art’.


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