Makua mask – Tanzania (Mozambique)

Mask, Makua, Tanzania (Mozambique)

Hard wood, dark brown patina.

Expressive mask with spherical characteristic typical for masks of Makua Tribe.

High: 19 cm

This mask is put on long poles during initiations ceremonies. First quarter of the 20th century.

Bibliography: The tribal art of Africa Black-Jean-Baptiste-Bacquart 1998

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The Makua are a Bantu ethnic group of Southeast Africa and Southern Africa and the largest ethnic group in Mozambique, and also have a large population across the border in the Masasi District of Mtwara Region in southern Tanzania. They live in the region to the north of the Zambezi River.

The Makua have lived in the area of Northern Mozambique at least since the fifteenth century. Between 1580 and 1590 the Makua revolted against the Portuguese.



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