Bronze sculpture with green patina by Alex Berdal – Still life

Limited edition bronze by Alex Berdal – Nature morte (still life)

Bronze sculpture with green patina signed at the front and bears foundry mark and numbering on the reverse. One of an edition of 8 signed and numbered bronze sculptures.

Dimensions: H: 26 x 36 cm – Irregular dimensions

Foundry: Fonderie de la Plaine, Saint-Denis, France.

Price: *$ (CAD) For more information contact gallery

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Alex BERDAL (1945)

Alex Berdal was born in Perpignan on June 9, 1945. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

He is member of the Salon d’Automne and the Salon of French Artists; also with painter Witnesses of their Time.

Berdal is a diverse artist, surprising in the variety of his research. He likes solid shapes, volumes softened by curves.

His sculpture calls for cuddle and possession: women coiled on themselves, knee against chin, nostalgic for fetal fullness; a sculpture, all of sensuality, of confidence, turned towards ecstatic happiness.

But there is another sculptor at Berdal. He who, heir to Cubism, works on plans, opens his sculpture to space, explodes the work from a center. Sensuality then leads to a more elaborate plastic research.

A teapot, with its mixture of feminine and masculine shapes, is hollowed out, pierced in its chubby fullness. The artist suddenly plays with empty and full, hollow, domed and lacks …




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