A Fang mask – Gabon

A FANG MASK – Gabon – Africa

A wooden mask with pigments and covered with kaolin. First half of the 20th century

Dimension: Height: 40 cm.

This is a typical large and elongated Fang mask which is covered with kaolin and featuring a nice heart-shaped face with a long fine nose.

The mask is worn by itinerant troubadours and used for hunting and punishing sorcerers.

Provenance: Belgian private collection Acquired in the 1970’s.

Exhibited: Zürich, Switzerland: “Die Kunst von Schwarz-Afrika”, Kunsthaus Zürich, 31 October 1970-17 January 1971

Published: Exposition catalogue: “Die Kunst von Schwarz- Afrika”, by E. Leuzinger, Zürich: Kunsthaus Zürich, 1970 num. 20

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