MARSILIO, Pascal (1946)

Artist Pascal Marsilio (1946)

Pascal MARSILIO (1946)


Pascal Marsilio, is born on March 23, 1946 in Lapara (Campobasso), Italy, he is a Belgian-Italian artist and the son of an immigrant coal miner.

He is a painter of long date; first of all he passionately devoted himself to drawing and especially painting. His early works are also slate and plaster engravings. In interior decoration, he will often be asked to create trompe-oeil and fake marbles an art that he masters majestically.

The maturity and his career will gain momentum after he has worked with the abstract painter Marie Dubois who gives him sound advice. Then he followed the lessons of Léopold Plompteux and Walter Lardinois.

His classical work quickly gave way to abstract lyrical works and he left oil and watercolor painting to favor car body painting and developed his very personal technique.

His work takes us into swirling, bubbling abstract universes, fire and ice mixed. Air and water in fusion; between galactic spaces and telluric eruptions it’s an explosion of shimmering colors that caress our eyes.

His abstracts evoke the basalt rock born from volcanoes both hardened and in perpetual fusion. An interior fire broods under his works in the image of this artist with noble and disarming frankness.

Awards and recognitions.

Incentive bonus from the Belgian State – 1988

Public Prize of the City of Liège – 1990

Member of the Belgium art school of St-Luc, Liège.