DURAKOVIC, Nedzad Nedzo (1976)

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Nedzad Nedzo DURAKOVIC (1976)


Artist Nedzad Nedzo DURAKOVIC is represented by our gallery

Nedzad Durakovic is born, 1976 in Novi Pazar Serbia. Currently living and working in Germany.

He is inspired by the works of the great masters and traditional Chinese and Japanese painting.

His works are at once expressive, figurative, abstract, some look like comics illustrations, full of quotations and references to art history or intimate feelings like sexuality, fear and the scars of war he survived.

His art has affinities with Expressionism, Neo fauvism and his portraits have the strength of the artists belonging to the Ashcan art movement. Even so far from the American continent and its improbable places of his creations.

? … But is that not precisely an outsider?.

A few exhibitions of the artist:
2018 – Ysebaert louisseize arts, Orford Canada
2017 – Main & Station Nonesuch Participation ART OF PAPER AWARDS; Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
2017 – Exhibition NAOPA ~ Montreal
2015 – Artist represented and is permanently shown at Ysebaert Louisseize arts gallery, Orford, Quebec, Canada
Dusseldorf – Predstavljamo likovnog umjetnika Nedžada Durakovića


Text by Yoannick Ysebaert #curator – Ysebaert Louisseize Arts

There is no hold back in the works of Nedzad Nedzo Durakovic.

His artworks are an explosion of emotions immediately put on paper, cardboard, book pages or whatever the media or the material he finds, he must exhort his Slavic soul at that precise moment daily, no matter where he is, it has to come out!

That Slavic soul flows through his inks and watercolors. His acrylics seem more contained but the result is unique, intimate and of a complex simplicity.

His feelings of hope or despair are manifested either through brightly Fauvist colors or dark and abusive monochrome flows of weeping brown, heavily expressionistic pale blue or green wash taking refuge in the tough, frank and cruel German spirit of that art movement, fearing no subject as delicate as it may be, making the existence of ugliness, violence, loneliness, sexual abuse, depression, war, social isolation and its excesses beautiful.

His works are sparks of life, human and very contemporary; the individual is represented as he is. His portraits are close to the Verismo almost primitive and instinctive; he places his subjects without academic pretension in their daily reality, certainly inspired by naturalism or by Japanese and Chinese masters let alone for this mastery of black ink, but always following his emotions, his state of mind and so powerful feelings are transmitted through his art brilliantly integrated in to our time, sometimes very nostalgic and traditional, but paradoxically he has also very “bad boy” artworks, a kind of “Total Art” brutal and hedonistic.

He confronts fear or intimate feelings like sexuality, recognition, the search of belonging through expressive figurative works, sprinkled with influences of comic books, art illustrations, old magazines, his day-to-day, pop and classic music and even historical references and then again, he also explodes, sprays and sparkles in abstract artworks of a gestural and informal kind.

His artworks are all at once expressive, figurative, grand, detailed and abstract. It’s simply and just his “statement” to say «I am a human and I’m here! »

Text by Yoannick Ysebaert 2017