DURAKOVIC, Nedzad Nedzo (1976)

Nedzo selfie

Nedzad Nedzo DURAKOVIC (1976)


Artist Nedzad Nedzo DURAKOVIC is represented by our gallery

Nedzad Durakovic is born, 1976 in Novi Pazar Serbia. Currently living and working in Germany.

He is inspired by the works of the great masters and traditional Chinese and Japanese painting.

His works are at once expressive, figurative, abstract, some look like comics illustrations, full of quotations and references to art history or intimate feelings like sexuality, fear and the scars of war he survived.

His art has affinities with Expressionism, Neo fauvism and his portraits have the strength of the artists belonging to the Ashcan art movement. Even so far from the American continent and its improbable places of his creations.

? … But is that not precisely an outsider?.

A few exhibitions of the artist:
2018 – Ysebaert louisseize arts, Orford Canada
2017 – Main & Station Nonesuch Participation ART OF PAPER AWARDS; Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
2017 – Exhibition NAOPA ~ Montreal
2015 – Artist represented and is permanently shown at Ysebaert Louisseize arts gallery, Orford, Quebec, Canada
Dusseldorf – Predstavljamo likovnog umjetnika Nedžada Durakovića