Mission and History

Active in the arts and Antiques from 1976 until 1991 in Europe and started slowly again in 1998 in North America and more specific in Québec, Canada. The passion for the arts in our lives never faded away. On the contrary, it grew stronger and stronger. As a result: New dreams, new ambitions, new projects and a brand new dynamic mission statement.

The gallery is now operating from Orford in the beautiful Eastern Townships, Province of Québec, Canada.

Ysebaert Louisseize Arts has the ambition to promote important new and historical works of modern and contemporary art produced by skilled, high calibre artists from Canada, with an emphasis for Quebec artists and arts and crafts artists.

There will also be given an important place for international arts, with a special attention for historical modern art, even slightly forgotten artists, in particular, for the Benelux artists (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg) and the movements like the Cobra, post Cobra and old and modern orientalists.

Our program includes:

Supporting, representing and exporting contemporary, fine arts and top arts and crafts artists from Québec and Canada.

Promoting and representing new emerging artists from Québec, Canada.

Promoting and bridging the worlds of arts and crafts, decorative, modern and contemporary art from Québec with the fine arts.

Promoting important emerging and established talents from around the world.

Participating on art fairs to promote and exchange historical, modern and contemporary artists between the continents America – Europe – Asia.

Presenting historical, modern and contemporary tribal arts from around the world, with special attention to African and North American origins.

We are looking to establish a gallery in Europe or joint-ventures with galleries in Europe and Asia.

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